The Fan District Association

The Fan District Association (FDA) is one of Richmond Virginia’s most cohesive neighborhood organizations. Its purpose is to promote the welfare of the historic Fan District of Richmond, Virginia and its residents.





The Fan District Association is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and betterment of our urban community. 

Our operational objectives are to:

  • Represent residential owners, renters, businesses, educational and religious entities within our boundaries
  • Promote the welfare of the Fan District and the City of Richmond by representing the interests of the community at the local and state level
  • Balance the needs of individuals with the needs of the community as a whole
  • Encourage and participate in a healthy exchange of ideas among all parties involved in any issue
  • Demonstrate respect for the history and diversity of our community in all that we do

FDA By-laws, updated May 2016

FDA Articles of Incorporation, updated May 2016

501(c)(3) IRS Approval Document, 29 Sept 1981

The Fan District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 208 N Strawberry Street, Richmond, VA 23220

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