From Belvidere to Boulevard and Broad to Main, we’ve got you covered with businesses, restaurants, residents, festivals, and more!

Richmond Virginia’s Historic Fan District: Map and Boundaries

East-West: From the western side of Belvidere Street (U.S. Route 1) on the east to the eastern side of North Boulevard on the west. North-South: From the southern side of West Broad on the north to the southern side of West Main Street on the south.
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Location of Fan Parks

1 Federal Park (pocket park between Main and Floyd, Rowland and Shields)
2 Grace Park (median park of Allen from W Broad to Monument)
3 Lombardy Park (the playground at Lombardy, Hanover, and Park)
4 Meadow Park (park at Meadow, Stuart, and Park) – delayed until November
5 Monroe Park (our largest park at Belvidere, W Main, Laurel, W Franklin)
6 Paradise Park (pocket park between Floyd and Grove, Vine and Allen)
7 Scuffletown Park (pocket park between Stuart and Park, Strawberry and Stafford)
8 Sydney Park (triangular park at Floyd, N Morris, and N Brunswick)