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2021 Grants:

The FDA has awarded 4 Grants for 2021

The FDA is proud to announce grants to 4 organizations that improve our streets and support the Fan’s needy.  The awards go to:

  • Feed More’s Meals on Wheels
  • Metropolitan Community Church’s Vicky Hester Food Pantry
  • Binford’s Achievement Center
  • Robinson Street Association’s Street Clean Up

Thank you to the Grant’s Committee – Nancy Costello, Kathy Laing, Caroline Steadman, and Nicole Velez – who worked diligently to ensure a smooth and fair process.  And thank you to all involved in the 2020 Holiday House Tour (HHT) especially Kimberly Hitchens.  It is revenue from HHT that funds FDA’s grant program.

Over the next year you will see spotlights on each of these grants as we reinvest in our community and contribute to the vibrancy and spirit of the Fan. 


The FDA’s Grants Committee represents you to find ways to reinvest in our community and contribute to the vibrancy and spirit of the Fan.  Whether its schools, parks, culture, safety or other worthy goals, the Grants Committee is FDA’s arm for caring and enriching.

Funding and Awards

Although there are several ways to contribute to the Fan’s Grants Committee, our major funding is from the annual Fan Holiday House Tour.  This effort brings our neighborhood together as we volunteer to create a great event and then continue to spread the joy.  The proceeds from the Holiday House Tour and other sources are given to the Grants Committee to distribute via community grants.

Between 2017-2020, the FDA has given out just under $100,000. ($95,994 to be exact) in grants to help our schools, support neighborhood events, improve our parks and streetscape and help our neighbors in need.   The grants were projects that benefitted the Fan and our RVA community.  Here is a listing of award winners over the 2017-2020 timeframe.

Binford Middle School

Higher Achievement Program, Binford

Art 180 Binford

Visual Arts Center, After School

William Fox Elementary School PTA

Thomas Jefferson HS Robotics

Thomas Jefferson HS PTA

The Holli Fund

Health Brigade

Robinson Street Association

Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad

Monroe Park Conservancy

Branch Museum

Fan Graffiti Removal

Historic Monument Avenue and Fan District Foundation

Firehouse Theater Urban Garden

Braille Circulating Library

Ronald MacDonald House

Meadow Park Friends

Feed More Meals on Wheels

Vicky Hester Food Bank

Whether you enjoyed the Fox PTA’s Strawberry Festival or the Movies in Monroe Park, our grants helped.  If it’s getting rid of graffiti or new signage, we are part of it.  And caring for others is in the DNA of the FDA’s grant program.

Grant Process 

All local nonprofits and community organizations can participate and submit their ideas and funding needs. These organizations, with ideas that benefit the Fan and its residents, apply online during the annual application process. The Grants Committee, comprised of volunteers from the FDA and its Board receive, review and research grant requests. Based on Committee findings, recommendations are made to the FDA Board regarding grant approvals. The FDA Board makes the final decisions regarding which grants are awarded.

The Grants Committee also follows up with those selected to learn about how the FDA funds were spent so we can report back to our residents. It’s important that we all see how these community grants are helping the Fan to flourish.


The FDA gave away just over $25,000 last year in its Community Grants program. Here are the full details on 2019 Community Grants  recipients. 

Call for Grant Applications

To apply for a grant, click here.


Christine Petersen


The Fan District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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